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Exploring The Human Microbiome: Diet, Microbes and Western Diseases (English), or

Alla Scoperta del Microbioma Umano: Flora Batterica, Nutrizione e Malattie del Progresso (Italian)
by Fabio Piccini

Exploring The Human Microbiome Alla Scoperta Del Microbioma Umano

This is the first Kindle book created by one of our customers using EasyEdit. It’s non-fiction, a layman’s introduction to the very fascinating topic of the human biome. What’s that? The collection of microorganisms that live in symbiotic relationship with our human body. Dr. Fabio Piccini, an Italian medical doctor (with numerous other qualifications, too) and co-founder/director of the Italian Microbiome Project, has authored a Kindle book in both Italian and English that is both entertaining and educational.

Why read this book? There is a goldmine of leading-edge research information for anyone interested in:

  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Obesity, dieting
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer

Here are a few fascinating facts and discoveries that I learned about in this book:

  • We all know that our body is made up of cells. But did you know that 90% of the cells in your body are not human? They are microorganisms, which play critical roles in your health.
  • These cells total about twice the weight of the brain. Collectively, they are often referred to as a newly-discovered organ of the human body.
  • We all know that genetics plays a big part in our health and behavior. But did you know that 99% of the genetic material in your body is of bacterial origin?
  • Mice of normal weight can be forced to become obese without altering diet or physical activity. How? By introducing bacteria from the gut of mice that are obese. There is hope that human obesity might be treated through transfer and cultivation of just the right bacteria in our gut.
  • …and more: There appears to be a very strong connection between our microbiota and our immune system and other parts of our body. There is the promise of effective treatment of diseases to include irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and cancer.

Don’t worry that you need to be a scientist or doctor to understand this book. It’s a relatively short and surprisingly easy read. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Building Your Book for Kindle with EasyEdit
by Kelly Carter and Harold Kimball

Building Your Book for Kindle with EasyEdit

See how easy it is to build a Kindle book using EasyEdit. This book was written, formatted, and converted totally in EasyEdit, authored by the creators of the EasyEdit software. The reader is shown the entire process from the beginning through uploading the completed book to Amazon for sale. Here is the outline of its contents:

Getting Started
Your Book’s Cover
Your Book’s Metadata
Your Book’s Structure
Your Book’s Front Matter
Your Book’s Back Matter
Your Book’s Main Sections
Writing, Editing, and Formatting
Send to Kindle Device
Uploading to Amazon



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