EasyEdit is optimized for creating Kindle books: only the features you need, no features that cause non-compliance with Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines (80-page PDF), no features that result in Kindle books that don’t navigate or function properly.

Lets you focus on writing, not technology


  • No complex features to frustrate and distract you: lets you just write, and tell your story.
  • Far simpler to use than Microsoft Word, and even simpler than WordPad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).

Does the “hard stuff” for you


  • Creates your book structure automatically, you just customize and add content.
  • Creates your book navigation and table of contents automatically.

Provides a minimalist text editor


  • No confusing array of menus, submenus, ribbons, or settings: just the basics.
  • None of the frustration or formatting nightmares associated with Microsoft Word (Amazon’s recommended tool).

Lets you preview your work


  • Load and preview on your own Kindle device(s).
  • Preview on your computer for all Kindle family devices and apps (e.g., Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone).

Assures compliance with Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Guidelines


  • No book rejections due to non-compliant book formatting.
  • No book rejections or reader dissatisfaction due to non-functioning book features (e.g., navigation).