How to find your book files

Users of EasyEdit need to know where on their computers their books are located. One reason is for making backup copies of their work. Another reason is to locate the .mobi filethe single file that represents your Kindle book–that can be sideloaded onto e-reader devices or uploaded to for sale.

When using EasyEdit, all of your books are contained in one folder, named Books, found inside your My Documents folder, inside an EasyEdit folder:


In other words, to find your books, open My Documents, then open EasyEdit, and find the Books folder. Inside Books are folders that contain all your individual books.


To locate the .mobi file, open the desired book folder, then open the proof folder. Inside the proof folder you will find the .mobi file for that book:


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    Great article! Now I know where to find my .mobi file to upload to

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